Beer Drinkers

Hey all you beer lovers out there, we need you now more than ever! How can you support this collaborative brew and be a part of the conversation? Well, you can be our eyes and ears in your cities, watching what your favorite breweries are doing to create inclusive and safe environments for their staff and for customers like you.

If you don’t see your local brewery addressing allegations or showing their solidarity to advocate for change, just ask the simple question,“Where do you stand?” Because when it comes down to it, companies will listen to YOU.

Will you help us? This could be simply by following your local brewery’s social media, or checking whether they have a code of conduct posted at their location and/or on their website, or looking at who actually makes the beer. Do you feel it’s an inclusive environment for all? Do you feel the company’s values are stated publicly and clearly? Let them know!

Thank you for helping us to create a better (beer) world.